Students of the Degree in Industrial Fashion Management visit the monographic exhibition “Vestir Épocas” at the Museum of Fine Arts of A Coruña


Ferrol, November 18, 2020.- The students of 1st and 2nd year of the Degree in Industrial Fashion Management visited, on November 17 and 18, the monographic exhibition on the history of fashion “Vestir Épocas” hosted by the Museum of Fine Arts of A Coruña. The visit was organized in a coordinated way from the subjects of History of Art and Fashion and Fundamentals of Artistic Design taught by professors Mavi Lezcano and Enrique Blanco respectively. The capacity restrictions due to the health crisis of the COVID-19 made the students come to the museum in A Coruña divided into two groups and on different days.

The exhibition “Vestir Épocas” is made up of more than 300 works from the prestigious collection of Ana González Moro covering 100 years of textile creation, specifically from 1860 to 1960. The pieces on display reflect the Galician society of the time and allow to establish a relationship between the idealization of art and the realism of clothing. Carried out under the direction of the Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibition is curated by the architect and professor at the University of A Coruña, Fernando Agrasar, and by the fashion specialist, Román Padín.