Erasmus mobility

Students in 3rd and 4th year have the possibility to apply for an Erasmus mobility for study purposes. In each course, from January onwards, four application periods are opened in which students can apply for a mobility for the following course. The exact deadlines of each call, and detailed information, can be found on the website of the university.


The main requirement to apply for a destination is to accredit level A2 of German, Italian or Portuguese if the classes of the destination center to which you are going are in those languages or B1 if they are in English, French or any other language. The accreditation must be valid at the time of application, so no certificates can be presented after the deadline. On the part of the destination, there may be additional language requirements that must be consulted by the student.

level A2 German, Italian or Portuguese

B1 if they are in English, French or any other language

List of Centers

The list of destination centers currently offered can be consulted in the list of international mobility vacancies that can be consulted by centers and degrees. It is important to consult in each possible destination center the language in which the teaching is given since if a student requests a destination for which he or she does not have the language certificate, the application will be rejected for that destination; although if he or she has requested others for which he or she does have the certificate, he or she will be able to apply for them.

The places in each destination are allocated in the resolution based on the preferences they have indicated, their file grade and the languages over and above those of the destination that they can prove until the available places are completed. Once the destination has been assigned, the process will start to be able to carry out the mobility that is managed through the Office of International Relations of Ferrol and the coordination of Erasmus of the center.


International Relations Office, Ferrol Campus | +34 881 013 634

Erasmus tutor for the Degree in Industrial Fashion Management

Diego Crespo Pereira | +34 881 01 38 58