Sístole, a technological leggings for pregnant women that allows them to listen to their baby’s heartbeat, wins the Explorer by Santander Programme at the Ferrol Campus.


Sístole, a technological device incorporated into clothing that allows pregnant women to listen to their baby’s heartbeat, wins the 11th edition of the Explorer by Santander X Programme at the UDC Space in Ferrol. Lucía Blanco, Alba Boedo, Ana María García, Julia Cacheda and Andrea Castro, students in the third year of the Degree in Industrial Fashion Management taught at the Ferrol Campus, are the creators of Sístole, a technological leggin, an example of an Internet of Things (IoT) application, which allows them to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and the mother’s uterine contractions. The project members will soon be able to choose between the option of receiving specialised online training in the coming months or travelling to Porto in 2022 and participating in a European innovation HUB.

The second prize went to the DESINO project, which specialises in the creation of lingerie for women who are going through or have already gone through breast cancer. Behind the firm are three students from the Degree in Industrial Fashion Management, Sara Olmo, Inés Varela and Laura Merelas. The third prize also went to another student of the degree taught at the Faculty of Humanities and Documentation, Fátima Outes, who presented OnDemand, a project based on sustainable fashion made in Spain and on demand.

The participants of the Explorer by Santander X Programme chose the best promotional video. In this case, the award at the Ferrol Campus went to SlowApp, an application designed by Juan Montenegro, Diana de Marco, Elena Blanco, Laura Sánchez and Paula Brea, also students of the degree in Industrial Fashion Management.

The Concepción Arenal Assembly Hall on the Ferrol Campus hosted the presentation of the 10 finalist projects and the awards ceremony on Tuesday 11 May, presided over by the vice-rector of the Ferrol Campus and Social Responsibility, María Jesús Movilla. The jury was made up of the representative of Banco Santander, Santiago Javier García-Ciaño, the professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of A Coruña, Antonio García Lorenzo, the representative of the Association of Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation (SECOT), Javier Palacio Álvarez, and the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Ferrolterra (AEF), Ángel Torreiro Freire.